Lawmakers add ‘funded by coal money’ disclosure requirement to bill funding state art grants

Montana museums, symphonies and theater organizations supported by the program will have to tell audiences some of their support comes from coal taxes

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Despite staff concerns, PSC votes to support Colstrip deregulation bill

An analysis found SB 331 could leave each ratepayer on the hook for hundreds of dollars, even if the coal-fired power plant closes early.

12 stats to know as the 2019 Legislature hits its midpoint

HELENA — Montana lawmakers are heading home from the Capitol this week for their mid-session spring break, a milestone that represents the halfway point of the 90-day 2019 legislative session. The break also represents one of the Legislature’s key deadlines: transmittal, the point when bills that don’t propose new spending are considered dead if they haven’t passed the chamber where they were introduced.

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